Accidents Happen…

I can totally see the Chinese boy, who spotted me on bench press today, having his own version of “She touched my leg!”

“Yesterday was one of the greatest days of my life. Emily asked me to spot her. She told me her name, asked for mine. I touched her boob!”


They’re already afraid of me to begin with. I hope he’s not too embarrassed to show his face around the gym anymore.


The Crossing of the Fit in China

While I was home during winter break I joined a Crossfit gym, FGB Hawaii Kai. I knew I wasn’t going to be making any huge gains in Olympic Weightlifting in a short 3.5 weeks and just needed a good kick in the pants, so I thought I’d give Crossfit a go. I loved it. I loved the community, the support, the fun. It totally hurt my weightlifting (cause I was so fatigued), but again, I was only home for 3.5 weeks and not looking to compete in anything. I also knew, coming back to China, I wouldn’t have access to any weights so Crossfit could give me some great ideas for different exercises to add to my repertoire. And on top of it all, I could share this training with my students! What a great way to build relationships!

First thing on the agenda for the Spring semester of 2012, start Exercise Club. I realize the name is a bit lame, but I’m just trying to avoid all confusion and misunderstanding when talking to students about it. We don’t play sports, but we don’t just run. We started out with things I thought they might already know like jumping rope and jumping jacks, which they did. Each and every class I try and teach one new thing. That way they can practice what they know and learn a tiny bit more. It’s been going wonderfully!

Getting High

I never know what will be my next inspiration!

No, I don’t smoke, nor will I ever, but I was listening to “Jump Up In the Air and Stay There” by Erykah Badu while running my 2 mile WOD (Workout Of the Day, for those that aren’t familiar with Crossfit lingo) and the thoughts were flowing. (Exercise seems to have this effect on me.) (Can you imagine if I did smoke?! I’d have a writing contract by now…No, Emily! God is bigger!) While I don’t condone smoking in the least (I know the jokes can be misleading), I do love this song and I thought, “What gets me high? What makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, like nothing can touch me?”

*Warning: For those that don’t believe in God, or are tired of the cliche Christian talk (I thought maybe I dodged that one with the title, but maybe not), have your vomiting bags available. I’m about to get Biblicious.

2 Things:

The first is exercise. If I didn’t believe in God, this would be my religion. There’s something so powerful about the feeling you get after utterly exhausting yourself, lifting 1kg more to hit a PR (personal record), beating the next minute by just a couple seconds in a race with the clock, being 30 and still being able to run a mile under 8 min like you remember promising yourself when you were 15 yr. old and in high school track and field. (Just me? Oh, sorry. I can actually remember the day.) (Little did I know how young 30 still is!)

It’s amazing all the gunk that’s brought to the surface from these extreme pushes of the human body. You plan on exercising, but end of figuring out why you’ve felt so rejected by your mom all these years. (No, Mom, nothing to do with you. It’s just a joke!) It’s a humbling feeling, really, which I like to use to usher in all kinds of analogies to my spiritual walk and relationship with Jesus. (You can find many of these in my very first posts that I originally sent out as emails.) Exercise is therapy on every level. If I had a dime for every time someone started crying during a training session, or talked about family and relational problems, I’d have…an extra $50. But my point is, it wasn’t my doing (not usually), it was the exercise! I push, but I like to think I’m sensitive enough to know when enough is enough, and most of the time it’s the emotional vomit as a result of actually accomplishing something you never thought possible, pushing yourself past your physical limits, which inevitably pushes you past your emotional limits, even if it’s the smallest of things, like, NOT quitting when you really wanted to. Now THAT gets me fired up!

For me, exercise is a form of worship and I was so stoked to find this quote off one of the Crossfit Journal entries about Becky Conzelman. It says of her,

“The former representative of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes says she feels close to God when she exercises.

“I am truly worshipping when I am competing.” Right on! Same for me!

The other thing is a simple concept, but rather hard to put into words. (These are the moments I wish I was a natural wordsmith, but alas, I have It’s the power of God’s movement in my life. If you’ve ever had an experience with God, you know exactly what I’m talking about. At that moment, all disbelief vanishes because you simply can’t deny what just happened. (You almost look around wondering if anyone else felt it too.) You can’t deny an experience. For some people they’ve had that experience and they’re still trying to play like it didn’t happen. They will forever be playing that game because you can’t deny something that happened to you. I’m not talking about something you saw, but a feeling, deep down in your gut. It either pulled (pulls) on you or even makes you hesitate at different thoughts and decisions because it’s now a battle between your conscience and the Holy Spirit. Our conscience isn’t always right, misguided many times by society’s twisting of truths and promises since, afterall, we are human. It’s some crazy stuff!

This gnawing one might feel is why I highly recommend for those of you who want to remain non-believers, NEVER seek, lest you find! And you will! And on top of that, beware, because if you have someone in your life who’s praying for you (quite possibly me), get ready to be pestered for the rest of your life. You will never be settled. You will never be content. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s misery because, unfortunately, this world has plenty we can cover and fill up emptiness with. Temporary as it may be, you’re bound (if determined) to find the next best thing to keep you momentarily distracted from the source of this never ending discontentment. Apple, alone, has enough products to keep you busy for life. In fact, you’ll never be able to keep up, or go broke before you do. I’m so guilty! Social media has me checking the internet every 5 min just so I can have this feeling of pseudo-closeness with friends and family. It’s a great way to keep in contact, but who are we kidding. Human interaction can never be genuinely replaced by words, pictures, ‘LOL’s, and capital letters.

Have I gone off track? Probably. If exercise is a form of worship for me, then I now not only feel the pull on my heart to spend one of one time with the Lord reading his Word, but also to condition and strengthen this blessing he’s given to me, not for my glory, but for His.These are the two things I get high on, and I gotta get it everyday.

What gets you high?