Fasting from the Book of Faces

In efforts to have more vision from the Lord, my mentor suggested we all do a 3 day fast. I immediately heard God say, “Yep, do it! You know what I’m talking about.”

Facebook….fast from Facebook.

Now, along with everyone else, I agree. It’s a huge waste of time, filled with a bunch of crap from other people’s lives that I don’t give $.02 (2 cents) about…(that reminds me, whatever happened to the “cents” sign? I remember writing a small “c”…or backwards was it (?), with a vertical line through it in school. Is change really that unimportant now?) Anyways, I don’t care that people are going to bed, and I REALLY don’t care that people are going to the gym. BUT when you’re living in the desert (a.k.a. China…there’s more to it but that’s another story) there’s things you find interesting that wouldn’t normally tug at you…pics of Hawaii, someone’s kid’s tooth fell out, people having the sniffles…I’m already starting not to care. If for nothing else than the pure fact that you have a pseudo-connection with people to keep you sane and make you falsely feel like others care about what YOU’RE doing. That’s me.

Because when I turn off Facebook it’s just me and God…hmmm, a novel idea. No distractions? Why don’t I want more of this? (God usually doesn’t give instant gratification that my generation has been raised to expect, and I, for one, hate that I’m a victim an addict to it just as much as the next person.)

So, at 7pm (Hawaii time, because that’s what my computer’s time is still on) yesterday I “x”ed out of Facebook, not to be turned on until 1pm Sunday (China time). [Oh yeah, and speaking of fasting; aren’t you, like, not supposed to tell anyone?…Well, this preacher’s-kid has never been one for rules and regulations. It just brings out the rebel in me, and I DO NOT need anymore of THAT lady.

So naturally, I immediately log into Twitter. “You specifically said Facebook, God. You didn’t say anything about Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+.”

I went on to “tweet” something stupid that no one cares about and will never see…No, wait, that’s wrong too. I attached Twitter to my blog so people will see it now. WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS?! “The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, Emily.”

I can remember a time when the only time I checked Facebook was in the computer lab at school because I didn’t even own my own laptop and Tweeting just sounded dirty. (It may have come out the same time as that song with the “skeet skeet skeet”.)

So, this morning, while doing my devos I committed to fasting from ALL social media. I figured, if nothing else, it’ll inspire me to write more and hey, look, here I am! I told God in my devos today “I don’t even know what I’m looking for.” To which he reminded me of Romans 8:26. Then I just simply said, like I do everyday “What would you have for me today, Lord?”

English AND Chinese…double whammy!

“And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless until the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ–to the glory and praise of God.” Philippians 1:9

That’s it! We fast for discernment, to know what’s best. And isn’t it true that we make better decisions when not distracted?! Thanks God!

I prayed this over my sisters in my Bible study group. For me, yes, I struggle with wanting to know details, but I’m always reminded to keep it simple. Seek HIS will, not my own. Bring glory to HIM, not myself. Build HIS kingdom, not my own. The rest is gravy!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.


I’m going to watch you watch me watch you watch me….

There are many ways the Chinese respond to seeing a foreigner like myself. You’ll most likely find yourself in a staring contest, to which I’ve become very good at, and intimidating as well. You have your ever-so-innocent laughing and pointing children yelling “Laowai, Mama, Laowaii!!” (“Laowai” means foreigner) It is for some as though an alien life force has landed among them and their jaw seems to hit the floor. (Can you blame them??? haha nah nah jk jk jk!!!) They might even walk a little closer to you to get a better look as though trying to see your pore size, unable to function any other part of their body amidst mind-boggling flabbergastion. (I think I just made that word up.) Most fumble for their phone in efforts to snap a pic to capture this moment as proof that people like me really do exist “and they’re here among us. Look!” I get random sentences in English like “How are you? I’m fine! hahaha” or “I’m going to the zoo today. hahahaha” The unfortunate part for them is that their accent jacks-up the sentence so badly it usually doesn’t register with me until they’re 10 meters behind me already. The funniest ones have been while I’m running or walking and the man (or woman) on the moped is staring so hard that as his eyes fixate on me and his path continues, he’s staring in the completely opposite direction he’s traveling, starts to veer into the oncoming traffic and almost dies. (or man walks into pole) This might be flattering anywhere else, but here, I’m no superstar or hot girl, just a phenomenon they’ve only seen on TV. Today, however, I had a little girl of about 10 yrs old, who was sitting in front of me at the coffee shop, turn to me and ask what time it was. How endearing! That takes guts!!! She was cute and I politely replied with a smile, “It’s 1:50.” I hope her mom was proud of her.

Today was my fasting-from-computer-and-apartment day. I woke up (30 min after alarm went off but still enough time to drink a cup of coffee and do my devos), worked out (clear day and not too chilly, perfect!), left the apartment (feeling like Amelia Earhart in my new black leather jacket with red scarf), went to church (to meet with churchmates AFTER their service for a small kine Bible study and encouragement), walked the entire city (with blisters to prove it), ate too much (I found a coffee shop AND a Subway! What??!!!), met another foreigner from London (who seems to hate it here), came home (and almost witnessed a death when the entire bus flew to the front b/c the driver slammed on his breaks for a pedestrian…one of these days I’m gong to video a ride to the store so you can have an idea of the madness that ensues on the roads here), read a book, and ate more sweets (that stupid chocolate cake is still lyin’ around here!)

Not a lot of deep thoughts, just a great day of people watching and watching people watch me.