Scrambled Eggs and Overhead Squats

It was pouring outside today so the pansy princess in me said, “Ew, your shoes are going to be sopping wet when you get there…all for a pull-up bar?!? Uh, no.” Because you see, the only thing needed in my WOD today was a pull-up bar.

“BW Fifteen” – found in WODBook I bought at the VA Showdown
35 squats
25 push-ups
15 pull-ups

Little did I know how much this would change between then and the time I ACTUALLY did the WOD.

6pm rolled around as I swivelled to and fro about my desk chair.

Me: *Sigh* “Do I need a day off? Should I use the hammy as an excuse?”, groping behind my thigh for a sensitive-to-the-touch feeling that would surely send me over the ledge of self-pity into the well of laziness.

Myself: “Nope, just need to warm-up. Get up. Go.”

Me: “You’re so annoying.”

**Have I mentioned how much I love scrambled eggs and tomatoes? It’s a peasants’ dish here in China, but it’s my favorite! Mmmm! I love it when 阿姨 (“Aunty” in Chinese) makes it.**

I go downstairs to my little workout nook, do my warm-up, stretch out the hammy and decide, “I’m going to sub out pull-ups and do sit-ups.”

Myself: “But your butt is still raw from yesterday and the day before!”

Me: “True, I did just do sit-ups, A LOT of sit-ups 3 days in a row…with no husband to rub Vaseline on my backside after either! I deserve a break, all alone, no one to take care of me…”

Sorry, that’s a different post.

Myself: “But if you take out sit-ups, that’s just squats and push-ups and you just did bench press and squats yesterday and hella push-ups the day before. Remember, with all the sit-ups?”

Me: “Ok, ok, I got it.”

35 OH squats (metal mopstick)
5 wall-walks
7RFT = 24:23

WOD for snails

I’m not even sure why I brought my timer other than to have one other piece of information to write down in my nerdy WODBook. (I have GOT to add that tape to the nose piece of my glasses. I keep meaning to do that!) I was moving slower than snails making sure my hamstring was ok. Even walking up the wall, I had to be careful.

It’s amazing how much we notice our muscles’ use when they’re really hurt or sore. I’m constantly like, “Wow, who knew you used your hamstrings so much to scoot around in your rolly desk chair because you’re too lazy to actually get up and walk anywhere, or pulling off your shoes without untying them because you’re too lazy to simply bend over, or putting on your swimsuit just to hang out in because you miss the beach.” It’s really quite eye-opening, a learning experience for sure.

So, what’s the take-home message after all this huff and puff about my strained hamstring?

Running is stupid, never do it.


Cindy made me cry today.

WOD for time:

21 Wallballs (16lb)

1 Rnd. of “Cindy

15 Toes-to-Bar

2 Rnds of “Cindy”

9 Burpees

3 Rnds of “Cindy”

“Cindy” = 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats

As soon as I finished the WOD I immediately walked back behind the house so no one could see my tears start to run down my face. It’s been a while, and usually only happens in China (emotional rollercoaster and sensory overload with which exercise seems to filter and sift through), but today my frustration (stinkin’ “toes to bar”! I don’t why I had such trouble with this one!) and fatigue brought out my emotions. After wiping my face I strolled back around the house, sat down and immediately thought, “Someone give me a pen and paper. I need to write a journal entry. This is prime time, when the thoughts flow, emotions are high, analyzation begins. What brought me to this point? Why now and not earlier? I wanna filter this all out on paper. Jesus, what’s going on with me? Help me understand so I can pinpoint and deal with it…or simply let you take care.”

“I’m leaving.”

And I don’t have the comfort of knowing I’ll be back in 18 weeks. I’m leaving for, what’s looking like, 2 years. And yeah yeah yeah, “people do it all the time”, “the time will fly by”, “you’ll be back before you know it”, but it’s still 2 YEARS(!). A lot can happen in 2 years. You can have 2 kids in 2 years! You can compete in several different competitions and even cross the Molokai Channel in 2 years (given you did the regatta and long distance season working up to that goal…some people do it SEVERAL times per year)! You can make major gains in athleticism in 2 years! Bah! That list goes on. So, what I’d like for everyone to do is just HOLD ON a quick second while I go get this masters degree and wait for me to get back before making any other moves. Ok? Thanks!

Now that that’s settled, let me shift into my wiser side and turn to Jesus before melting into a pile of sap on the floor….or little kid kicking and screaming, which I tend to do with impatience (in my head).

…much like this

This summer has filled me with such joy from so many awesome people, most of which I’ve just recently met: my morning Crossfit workouts, volunteering reception at church, Manoa Weightlifting workouts, Fridays at the beach, intimate coffee talks, dinners with girlfriends. It’s never the event or the location, it’s the people. I’ve been welcomed in to so many different families here and I just couldn’t be more thankful for who God has placed in my life. So instead of focusing on my sadness of leaving, I’ll say thank you.

I’ve never met a more welcoming bunch of people. Mahalo Crossfit Fifty, can’t wait to return!

Thank you to all those that invested time with me even though I’m leaving, sharing in experiences, family time, just getting to know me. You could’ve easily brushed me aside knowing we may not keep in touch (although I’m going to do everything in my power to not let that happen). I have so enjoyed laughing with so many of you, learning your stories and walks of life, even walking with you, and appreciate all your encouraging words of support in return. I’m so blessed and humbled by God’s abundance in provision for family and friends. It’s really kind of ridiculous how He spoils his princesses. I’m so eager to return already, but will “enjoy the ride” God has me on for now.

“For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. I pray that out of his glorious riches me may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge–that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:14-19

My utmost prayer is that you all know the love of Christ, the forgiveness of sins, His covering, grace and mercy. What freedom there is in that! Accept that and give it to others. It’s our calling.

See you in 2 years…unless, of course, YOU come visit ME.

Hilarious Answers: Quiz 2

It’s here, what you’ve all been waiting for, and I couldn’t be more excited to share my laughter with you. The test was similar to the first and they’re always allowed to use their books, but no cell phones or dictionaries this time. If they were paying attention in class and taking notes (which I tell them to write in their workbooks) they should have every answer and explanation. Let’s begin, shall we.


Instructions: Write your name and class number at the top of this paper. Do not write your student number. (Please keep in mind I thoroughly explained how important it is to read all instructions before writing anything down. This was part of their test.)

Student: Chinese name (in Chinese characters, of course, which I can’t read….they all choose an English name specifically for this class) and 201020076 (her student number) (*Sigh* “Here we go!”)


Question: What should you underline? (The class before the test we discussed the skill of taking tests and how to succeed.)

(Book: Underline the answer in the text.)

Student: important part (True, but what is the important part called?)

Another student: make checking quicker (I later realized they were trying to answer “Why”. E for effort, but E doesn’t have any points behind it.)


Question: What should you do to your answers once you have finished the test?

(Book: Use any time you have left to check your answers.)

Student: Confident

Another student: guess (Honesty, can’t beat it.)


Question: What 4 countries are the company’s markets?

Student: salary sheets

Another student: sales markets

Another student: Veronique LeBouf, Manchester, Paula Stewart, Rome (Hey, you understood “4”!)

Another student: Rome, Florida, Sarah Longman (A city, a state, and a person…not quite.)

Another student: France, Italy, Spain, Britain (That’s exactly right. BORING! I need to make my tests harder.)


Question: Where was reliability in 1993? (There are graphs and charts to look at.)

Student: Britain (You do know reliability isn’t the name of a person, right?)


Question: What is the name of First Group’s subsidiary?

Student: Juliet Sharman (Me: I’m going to start a campaign called “Real Companies Don’t Buy Women“.)


Question: What kind of graph shows sales by product range?

Student: trangea (Wait, is there some kind of newfangled graph I don’t know about? *Clicks Google*)

Another student: E (What list of letters are you choosing this from?)


Question: Why has punctuality continued to improve this year?

Student: Government reducing it’s financial support (Now THAT sounds like a can of worms!)


Question: What company makes office furniture and supplies?

Student: I don’t not (…So, you do?…doesn’t matter, wrong.)


Question: Who is Juliet Sharman giving the presentation to?

Student: Earlier (We need to talk about names. Did Beyond write this? *flips over page to look at name*)(I ACTUALLY have a student named Beyond.)

Another student: Juliet Sharman (Maybe in preparation, like for practice, but I don’t think that’s what they’re talking about in the book.)


Question: What was the reason for growth of annual passenger revenue?

Student: bad service (In China, this makes perfect sense. I don’t know why, it just does.)


Question: Write the website “www dot crossfit dot com”. (These were supposed to by my freebie questions because there’s a box that gives you the symbol for the different words. Ex: colon = :, backslash = \, etc.)

Student: (WHAT?!)

Another student:


Question: Write the email address “emily underscore forward slash backslash underscore colon at QQ dot com”.

Student: (Makes perfect sense from 4 pages back, but no.)

Another student: No. (Well, then it’s wrong. I don’t know what to tell you.)


Question: Which is more formal, a note or a memo?

Student: sales

Another student: ASAP

Another student: Pan-European (Where do they come up with this stuff? I don’t even remember reading that.)


Question: Where is this company based?

Student: Veronique LeBouf (Sounds like a loose woman if you ask me.)

Another student: Where it is based. (YES! No.)


Question: By how much did punctuality grow from 1993 to 1995?

Student: reduce 6% (Nothing on this entire page reduced by 6%. What book were you using?)


Question: What is the possible day and time of the meeting?

(Book: Monday a.m.)

Student: Helsinki tomorrow (Sounds like a James Bond film.)

Another student: tomorrow (Not on your schedule, by the book’s schedule.)

Another student: pricing strategies


Question: What do Henry, Sue and Mike need to discuss?

Student: Yes, they do. (Reminds me of “The Other Sister” when the bartender says to Daniel [the mentally handicapped boy] “Merry Christmas!” and he replies, “Yes it is!”)

Another student: Yes.


Question: Who does Henry need to call?

Student: Henry (Himself?! When was the last time you called yourself? Don’t answer that!)


Question: What does Mike need Sue to give him ASAP?

Student: Yes.


Question: Who does the prize for Salesperson on the Year go to?

Student: World Cup year (I’m pretty sure this is information from the last test. READ YOUR DIRECTIONS!!!)


Question: What 2 things is Figure 4 about?

Student: get up (No, it’s “Get out!” and it’s an expression used when you can’t believe what someone told you. This is not the right context for that.)


Question: Answer each question with A-H from diagram on Pg 34.

Student: 1. DF  2. AF  3. DH  4. AB  5. CD (Clever with the two answers. Even if I took one of the answers, you’d still get every single one wrong. Now THAT’S horrible guessing.)

Turns out all my classes did better overall than the last test. We’re moving up, people! Before you know it, I won’t even be able to blog about it anymore because they’ll all be answering the questions correctly! I’ve learned that most of the time the really ridiculous answers are the ones they had no idea on, but put something just so they wouldn’t leave them blank, which I applaud. I get a lot of “I don’t know” and “it doesn’t say”. Some students did the same, some did worse, but what really makes my heart go pitter-patter is to see a girl who didn’t pass the first one, pass with flying colors on the second one. I’m so proud of them when they do that!

The curve will still be ginormous on this test.

FitCrosser Newbies!

Wednesdays at 3:30pm and Saturday mornings seem to be the only time my students have free. Most are going to class up to 30hr/week. That’s insane. I don’t ever remember being in class that much in college. It’s almost like high school.

This past Saturday we had some newbies come to Exercise Club. The WOD was 500 jump rope. I kept it simple, but challenging (for them this is quite a feat). We had a great time! Keep ’em coming, Lord!

This is such a rarity that I had to take a photo of it: the sun. It was blinding and awesome.

Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses.

This is Colin, sporty spice.

Meet Joan, the willing-to-tag-along-so-her-friend-isn't-lonely athlete.

And Stephany, wearing her bling to workout. Go Steph!

Our cool down, a quick game of ping pong.

Best “Sh*t _________ Say” Video!

While I was home during winter break I was introduced to all the viral videos of “Sh*t People Say”. (Sorry for the indecent language, but the material is outrageously funny and clean.) You can find just about anything under the sun for different people groups the videos are made about. I used to think “Sh*t Black Girls Say” was the best one. It’s the original (I think) done by comedian, Billy Sorrels. It is HILARIOUS. And there are some other funny ones too, but depending on where you’re from, the culture you live in, different people find different ones funny. Another of my favorites is “Shi*t Asian Moms Say“. Having been in Hawaii for some time, this one is a riot to me. (Also, a tiny disclaimer: due to the melting pot of cultures in Hawaii, few things are found offensive, and everything is game for poking fun at in a lighthearted way.) For my more intellectual readers, please keep in mind, this is simply stupid knee-slapping humor.

While the Crossfit Games are getting started, just about everything seems to be focused on this topic (in my world, that is). It also helps that I Google all things Crossfit, and watch videos all things Crossfit, so naturally, this came into view. Again, a lot of you won’t find this funny at all. That’s ok. I, on the other hand, had tears in my eyes. Enjoy! “Sh*t Crossfit Girls Say

PS: I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out how to put a video on my page. Sorry, lame, I know.



Just like I have no excuse, neither do you. I have a few jump ropes, a rotting broom stick and my own self-generated mass of 63.5kg. Go get 'em!

I’ve been back for a little over a month, and have been so blessed to have my friends at FGB Hawaii Kai post new workouts almost every day on my Facebook page. Yeah, I could figure it out on my own (I did get a degree in exercise physiology!), but, man, I love not having to think about it. And, since it’s on my Facebook page, it’s there for the world to see how I did, if I did. So, needless to say, I have a serious reporting-back-to on my shoulders, and I love it. Here’s a review of some of the workouts I’ve done. I’ve only done a couple more than once to see progress, but will soon start from the beginning to see if I’ve gotten lazy and fat or progressed. I hope this encourages more people to get off their butts and move! (And on that note, I’ll continue to sit on mine while I write this.)

*Disclaimer: I realize a lot of you may not care about my training, but keep reading, it’s funny too!…Well, and hey, there’s pictures. Come on.

Today’s WOD (Workout Of the Day): (Thanks to Outfitting My Life for the idea)

20 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

5 burpees

10 push-ups (on my knees or it would take me 2x as long and I was going for speed)

15 sit-ups

20 squats

3/11/12: 9 rounds + 43 reps (Only 7 reps away from 10 rounds makes me wish I didn’t linger in the middle!)


WOD for time:

7 wall walks (there are pics of me doing a wall walk, go find them if you care)

21 sit-ups

5 wall walks

15 sit-ups

3 wall walks

9 sit-ups

2/9/12: 7:57

3/2/12: 5:31 (What did I do the first time, take a cookie break?)


WOD: 4 RFT (Rounds For Time; Pay attention, I’m only putting this on here once.)

25 walking lunges

10 burpees

2/11/12: 6:42 (Make sure you start lunges with each leg twice. If I do it over again I’m going to do 26 just to make it even for both legs.)



533m run

20 box jumps

2/12/12: 20:40 (I’ve GOT to try this again, sounds über slow. It was originally 400m, but we used our court area outside and it’s 800m 3x around, so we did 2 laps to have a measurement. The only thing I have to jump on is a 68cm ledge [26.77in], 3.23in shy of my usual.)


WOD for time:


2/13/12: 24:00:00 (I’m so good at this one!)



400m run

90 sec rest

2/14/12: 1) 1:33, 2) 1:30, 3) 1:33, 4) 1:31 (Not too shabby for a 30yr old! Doing these brought back so many memories and jitters of high school track and field. I used the track at the university across the street for this one. Saturdays are the best time since there’s not many students out, thus less likely for me to be seen crawling through the hole in the fence. This was also the day I wrote my thus-far favorite post, “Who’s Yo Daddy?“, a special V-day gift to my dear ole dad.)

Here's the hole I climb through to get to the track I use. (as if my white skin and light brown hair didn't attract enough attention)

WOD for time:

100 jumping squats

400m run

2/17/12: 7:21


WOD for time:

Eat a Dark Chocolate Bar

2/16/12: in:a:flash (I even felt a little nauseous after. Crossfit for life!!)

My fingers don't work that fast on a stopwatch. I couldn't get the time.


20 sit-ups

20 box jumps

2/19/12: 12:50 (That’s lame. Stay tuned for an update on this one real soon.)



24 walking lunges

5 wall walks

2/20/12: 11:28


WOD for time:

100 burpees

2/21/12: 8:58 (Again, I must’ve taken a cookie break somewhere in there because later, 2/26/12, I did 95 burpees in 7min.)



20 OH (OverHead) squats

10 long jumps

100m sprint

2/24/12: 8:25 (I should get seconds taken off for rain, cold, slippery track [I almost ate it during long jumps], seeing my breath, my butt getting dirty from kicking water/dirt during sprint, my toes being frozen, and my nose running, just sayin’. Oh, and I’m currently using a rusted broomstick for OH exercises.)

A great way to recover the feeling in your hands, feet....and crotch, I guess? I don't know, maybe my brain was frozen too.

WOD for time:

2mi run

2/27/12: 15:09 (I mapped this online and ran 20 steps past just to make sure.)


WOD for time:

100 pull-ups

100 push-ups (knees for me)

100 sit-ups

100 squats

2/28/12: I jacked this one all up. I wasn’t for sure whether I was suppose to do all and THEN move to the next exercise, or just finish 100 of everything however I want. Here’s what happened: 1) I realized that it would’ve said 20 reps (of everything), 5 rounds, if that’s how it was suppose to be done but it didn’t, so I then assumed I wasn’t suppose to move on to the next exercise until I finished 100 reps. B) I broke it up anyways (stupid!) 3) Even though I broke it up, I counted ALL wrong. I did 21 reps, 21 reps, 20 reps and then decided “I’ll finish off 100, so that’s…48 reps, ok, here we go!” (????) Idiot! 21+21+20+48=110. So, needless to say, I will redo this one on another day. The good news is that I did finish the “Retard” WOD in a slothful 25:46. (I have to use the bottom of a high fence for pull-ups. My feet touch the ground, but I can’t do a pull-up anyways, so I assist and then all-arm it on the way down. I’ll have to get a pic of this, hard to explain.)



20 DU (Double-Unders, the jump rope goes under your feet twice in one jump.)

10 lateral hand-stand walks against the wall (5 to the L, 5 to the R, both hands must move to count rep)

3/3/12: 7:58



20 squat jumps

20 sit-ups

30ft hand-stand walk

3/5/12: 24:40 (I was pleasantly surprised that I gained back my hand-stand abilities so quickly. I definitely didn’t rush walking upside-down, so it took me forever, but what fun!)



5 inch-worm push-ups

12 walking lunges

7 burpees

3/6/12: 5 rounds + 3 reps



11 Odd-object squats

5 wall walks

3/7/12: 10:31 (The heaviest thing I could find was a bottle of water, 18.5kg [40.7lb], but I also tried a potted plant and the fire extinguishers. This day, tragically, I was a victim of WOD junk. WOD junk is when you’re so fatigued and tired, you can’t think straight and you definitely can’t remember how many you just did. I “finished” at 8:05 but REALLY felt like there was no way I did 5 sets, so since the clock was still running, I did 1 more set at 8:39, finishing (a possible 6th set, but I think only 5) at 10:31. Lesson learned: COUNT.)

Nope, not heavy enough.

The fire extinguishers weren't heavy either. Can you imagine if they needed these? "Hold on! I only got 5 more reps!"

I'm way too excited about all this. What a nerd.


20 jump squats

200m sprint

3/10/12: 6:28

This is precisely why I bring my camera EVERYWHERE with me. It's almost more important to me than money. You never know when you'll find gold!

Me to random student: "Qing wen! Ni *makes picture noise* wo ma? Zhe ge." *points to button* (Translation: Excuse me! You *makes picture noise* me? Here." *points to button*

Well, there you go. That’s what I like to do. I’m so glad I have all this down now. It really helps me keep track.

Happy “Wonmen’s” Day!

A sign at the mall. I bet they'd take pictures of my Chinese characters and laugh and blog about it too.

We (me and the other young white foreign teacher here at Hwa Nan) were invited to attend a banquet for Women’s Day. I say “white” because we have other foreign teachers here that are Asian and Filipino, but that’s not “foreign” enough to be interesting. So we went and I took pics, got some blog ideas, laughed at funny misunderstood cultural differences, the usual. The whole thing was in Chinese, and understandably so considering there was a table of about 7 foreigners and the rest Chinese. It was fun to get away from campus, but I can’t say I would’ve cancelled (excuse me, rescheduled, because here you can’t cancel class, not even for a holiday) any classes to attend it. It fell on Thursday, my free day. But I met some other nice foreigners, and we went to Starbucks after so can’t complain. Enjoy the pics!

When you have a friend with you, why not get in the pic too?! I thought the centerpiece in the lobby was really cool.

Banquet hall for Women's Day brunch. Side note: I think experiencing being the minority (even in Hawaii) has been a huge blessing in my life. I think there's a humbleness and level of respect developed through that. opposed to gay sister? This is where reading Chinese would help. I wonder why they didn't just leave the title in Chinese. The entire magazine is in Chinese. Ah well, makes for good humor.

We all got little bags...with books in Chinese. I WILL read one of them someday! I don't care what's in them, I love goody bags!

Exercise is important! I LOVE this, for so many obvious reasons.

This is what happens when you don't understand anything the speaker is saying. Pretend to listen or eat all the goodies on the table? I ended up writing down all the words I've learned in pinyin and looking through the magazine to recognize and rewrite the characters that matched. I have a hard time writing from scratch, but I can recognize quite a few now.

I'll admit, I was so enthused about finding and recognizing characters in the magazine, I didn't pay much attention to the performances either. I just looked up long enough to take a photo and went back to writing.

The Chinese singing boarder-line hurts my ear. It is an amazing talent, nonetheless. And if I ever have the opportunity to see the Beijing opera, I'll take it.

Now THIS was cool! These guys were acrobats and did all kinds of crazy poses. One pose had one guy doing a one-handed hand-stand on the other guy's head. Bonkers! I want to train with them! I bet they would kill a Crossfit workout.

"Ouch!" Where are my cotton balls?! The ballerinas were pretty in pink though. I've always been impressed with the tiptoe thing.

The fish were even in awe of a foreigner! They all came to the glass and stared... I stared back, with my best fish face.

Happy Women’s Day!