the battle

I’m writing this without much consideration of writing etiquette…raw, like i like it…would you really expect anything less of me?

Today was a day of reflection, partly due by something my prof said in class yesterday. He said…

“You do all this research and studying to know it all, and then to wake up one day to find you don’t know anything at all.”

And I thought to myself, “I wonder if these guys who’s lives revolve around research and discovering new things, who are so proud of all their work in the field, who’ve had so many papers published, stop and think, ‘What’s it all for?’ only to realize that it is the relationships that counted the most in life.”

Now, I don’t think we should all up and quit what we’re doing and go hug the people in our lives. I’m simply reminded today that I need to watch myself. I need to care for others more than I do myself, that my decisions affect others, and that my actions should reflect more compassion and love.

I’m thankful for days like today. It’s kind of a Debbie Downer, but it’s a reminder that God is still working on me.

Some people make loving others look so easy. That IS NOT the case with me. I’m kind of a jerk.


This is how mail is delivered, and clearly not just at Hwa Nan. The mailman has a Santa-like sack, except not velvety red and there’s no toys inside. He doesn’t say, “HO HO HO!” and no reindeer, just a loud annoying moped. He simply turns the bag upside down and pours all the packages out without any regard to the possibility of breakables. Students crowd around searching for their own package. It’s pretty ridiculous.

In the Country of Heaven

Or, why I never got that box/letter/postcard you sent: an essay in three pictures.


This is actually how post gets delivered to a majority of the students living on campus. Hell if I know how it works. But every Monday, a dude will unload his motorbike full of boxes at the corner of the ping pong tables and hang around. Sometimes there’s someone to keep an eye on things, but mostly the boxes are left there for anyone to paw through them.


Explains a lot about why that box never arrived, doesn’t it?

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