This is what I’m talking about. Poor kids, don’t they feel a draft?! I don’t know that I’d want to go on living if I had to walk around all day with my backside exposed.

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  1. I saw this sight in several cities I visited in China last summer and just do not understand it. Does it eliminate the need to wash diapers or is it to prevent diaper rash? I was also surprised to see the children relieving themselves on the sidewalks.

    • It’s not just the kids that relieve themselves on sidewalks here, LOL… it is a daily occurrence for me to see adult men (sometimes just a 1/2 block from the public toilet) relieving themselves just feet from the sidewalk. I think it’s “normal” for them because their mothers had them relieving themselves in public their whole lives… personally, it disgusts me and makes me sad that they don’t do public health announcements about it.

      • Definitely different cultures, but I’ve lived in several places around the world… and visited a few that were more primitive than China, but way more civilized. There is just something wrong with an adult that feels it’s OK to use the toilet outside in front of others.

  2. Split pants are great and terrible for the environment at the same time. Always cracks me up during the winter when kids have 8 layers on everywhere except their bum.

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