A Senior Moment

“Do you have class tonight?” Laihar asks me at dinner.

“No, I don’t. It’s so nice.”

“Oh good, you can have a rest then” she says.

******************* (Does this mean time lapse? Well, it does here)

I was in bed early tonight. In need of taking a shower, (yes, I was playing the shower game again. This is not uncommon people. You could probably just assume I’m dirty all the time and be right. See: Stinky Girl) I decided against it, “Ah, I’ll just do it tomorrow before class”.

I’m sitting in bed, computer in my lap, updating myself on all the awesome blogs I’m nerd-ishly following. I’ve got both my heaters on (in my room), mochi next to me for those times I’m waiting on my page to load and it’s a great time to reach away from the computer. I’m in complete and utter comfortable bliss…at 7pm. “Shoot! I forgot to set my alarm clock in the other room.”


Crap! Who the…What could they possibly need? “Hold on! I’m coming!” Dangit! I’m so comfortable, my sheets were just warming up, and here you are rapping on my door just to make me get up and let them get cold again….”Hi!”

It’s two of my students.

“You called us”, they say.

I give them a blank stare….”You need your test back?” I’m so clueless.

“No, many people downstairs waiting.”


I’ve been called an old soul several times. I love going to bed at ungodly hours (early, that is) and waking up at 5-5:30am. I’ve been drinking coffee since before I could talk (the last drops out of my grandmother’s mug). I still write thank you cards and keep a planner with pen and paper because technology irks me. I consider myself wise beyond my years (sort of), but tonight I REALLY PROVED THEM….right, 100% on the money. I completely had a senior moment.

PS: This is the one time deciding against a shower really paid off.

PSS: My alarm is set.


3 thoughts on “A Senior Moment

  1. I read many blogs myself and love it! A year ago I followed one and then I started my diet and it exploded from there. I think it’s a great way to spend time, especially since we live so far from home!

    I love getting up early, too… nice to not hear the car honking early in the morn 😀

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